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Has anyone had their 6 month insurance upgraded to 120 month yet?

I submitted a ticket after Zyloh’s instruction to do so and got a generic response. Iv seen another person got actual responses and had theirs updated.

Do we just keep on waiting? Can we be sure that if we put in a ticket during IAE per Zyloh’s instruction that we are actually on a list to get this sorted out?

I feel like IAE will be over soon and have my doubts that a real list has actually been formulated.

Is there any way we can confirm that we are indeed on some kind of list or database to have this fixed, or that such a thing has even been formulated?

Should people be submitting another ticket, or just keep waiting and have faith that CIG wont miss us?


Tickets are generally honored by the day they were created, so don’t worry about delayed response times, hang tight, and it will eventually work its way up the queue.

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