Evocati Patch Notes – A New Home

Hello everyone,

When we initially launched the Evocati Test Flight program in 2016, we implemented an NDA process that has remained largely unchanged to this day. The primary objective of this NDA is to prevent any potential confusion or misrepresentation of the current state of the game, primarily for those that may not be following the project as closely. As you all know, the Evocati tests have never been for the faint of heart. Even now, participating in the Evocati Test Flight requires a certain level of resilience, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support and participation that ultimately helps propels features and content towards their debut on the live servers.

Over the years though, we’ve recognized that certain aspects of the Evocati Test Flight would benefit from being public-facing. Historically, Evocati Patch notes have been confined to a private section of Spectrum, visible only to those testers who have signed an NDA. However, we have decided to make a change moving forward. We will begin to release the Evocati Patch Notes publicly, allowing everyone to read and discuss their content. We believe this shift will contribute to a more inclusive community that embraces the fun in theorycrafting and provides a transparent glimpse into what’s on the horizon. Until further notice, Evocati Patch notes that we post on Spectrum or the RSI website are now exempt from the NDA. This change pertains specifically to the patch notes, and does not otherwise change the NDA’s continuing coverage of the Evocati program.
It’s important to note that this change allows open discussion (text/voice) for upcoming features and content listed specifically in the Patch Notes, but the NDA otherwise remains fully in effect when it comes to visuals, access, or other content. This means, for example, that mediums such as images, videos, and related broadcasts are still not permitted to be shared and would be considered a breach of the NDA.

We hope this change is a welcome one, and as always, we’ll monitor and may make further adjustments if necessary. For now though, we’ll see you in the public Patch Notes section!

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