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I think you need to be very clear about whether an evocati member’s opinion or feedback about the changes based on playing the build via text/voice chat would then constitute a breach.
e.g. saying “they changed distortion to do less damage to shields” is just based on the notes, but “I tried distortion in the ETF patch and it felt really good and effective” is feedback/opinion/gameplay experience and would IIRC be still covered by the NDA.

People are going to be asking ETF members a lot of questions about how the game feels based on the notes, and this either opens them up to be able to disseminate feedback, or it makes their answer restricted to “read the notes, wait and see, I can’t breach NDA”

To be more clear, discussion surrounding the patch notes and the content in the build are OK to discuss. This means, if you’re an active Evocati tester, you are welcome to join in on discussion related to the things you are playing/testing. We will only object to visual disclosure, such as images, videos, and other similar mediums such as a livestream, etc. These will continue to be protected under the NDA.

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