“Egg” Flight model showcased at CitizenCon 2023.

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I was watching Yogi’s video explaining the new SCM. I found the flight with BOOST (Red Line) interesting; I think it’s a significant advancement when it comes to pushing the opponent. I suppose we’ll have more opportunities to position ourselves better for the ship’s profile. However, I’m more interested in emphasizing flight without BOOST (Blue Line). Let’s assume both players are in DECOUPLED mode, and both run out of energy in BOOST. ¿Wouldn’t it be convenient to readjust the non-boost SCM speeds and making circle profile more similar in shape to the boost profile? This adjustment could ensure that the pursuer retains an advantage and that both players remain incentivized to engage, even after depleting boost energy. Thank you in advance. @YogiKlatt-CIG

The values are just examples

It is an interesting thought but I think it would steer the FM a bit too far away from 6-DOF (you would e.g. loose speed on decoupled and looking back). We’ll discuss it anyways.

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