Duo Showdown, no preforming team?!

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The new AC mode DUO Showdown looks like alot of fun to play. Hopped in with a buddy on discord, made a party, invited party to lobby readied up my ships and launched.

Heres the major issue, with a preformed team, the game SPLIT my buddy and me apart. Giving us both a random teammate.

Why even bother having a 2v2 mode when you cant talk to your wingman? its just devolves into uncoordinated 1v1s where whoever looses their 1v1 first puts their teammate into a 2v1.

This mode would be awesome if we could just preform teams. I don’t mind sitting waiting for people to fight if it means I can have communication with my teammate and practice strategy.

Heyo, there was an error in the team balance settings for the mode which we have already resolved as part of 3.22.1, we also updated team balance in general so squads should only get separated in cases of extreme imbalance.

As for the comments on needing proper matchmaking, totally agree, but its not within the scope of our gameplay team and understandably the service/network teams are super busy with other initiatives. For 3.20 we did try an in-game solution of skill-based team balancing, that pulled from the leaderboards but it doesnt help with modes like Duo Showdown/Duel.

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