Drake Buccaneer – An unnecessary nerf

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Viktor Kar’off

A once great ship, balanced and in-line with other light fighters as this ship was originally classed as and marketed as… 3.14 saw the nerf which killed this ship.

The new values as unchanged since 3.17, show the values of the buccy in blue and the gladius in red, showing the much larger gap in acceleration values. This nerf not only stopped this ship being viable in any dogfight, but also robbed it of the role it is designed and marketed to do, intercept targets. I understand that the VET have a firm love for the gladius and arrow, but this is something which sorely needs correcting.

@YogiKlatt-CIG sorry to ping you in this, but please could you shed some light on why the gap on accelerations was widened so much? Why was this nerf done? The buccaneer has two giant engines and yet no acceleration to use it. The fact that the downwards thrusting mavs have the same acceleration as two giant forward facing engines is something that puzzles me.

Please can you help explain this?

Please also note that the hornet, which has more mass, more weight and the same exact loadout at the Buccaneer has been given a huge increase to forward acceleration and boost forward acceleration. Yet the Buccaneer gets outclassed by a hawk and a sabre on both. Please can some form of response help to explain why? The buccaneer is sorely in need of some love! @YogiKlatt-CIG

@Viktor_Karoff, as I mentioned in a lot of other posts concerning ship tuning, we’re currently avoiding doing tuning changes as we’re busy with updating flight models for the master mode releases. This includes all ships (and that means also the Buccy). The drastic acceleration increase that the Hornet got was NOT intentional and is meant to be reverted. It was an unintended effect of the code changes on gimballed thrusters that were done to support the release of the Fury.

That said, we’re working on the Buccy right now even if that work will not be visible in the PU for a while. I was actually preparing FM values earlier today and here some details from our current MM tuning for that ship:
– The Buccy is classified as a “medium interceptor” (that is not meant as a marketing term but as an internal archetype classification we use to describe gameplay dynamics)

– “Medium” because its weapon rating is too high to be a light fighter (1xS4 + 2xS3 + 2xS1 is outclassing a fully equipped Super Hornet)

– “Medium” in general means it cannot really compete with a light fighter in terms of agility.

– “Interceptor” tuning means that it further trades agility (i.e. lateral Gs and rotational capabilities) for forward acceleration and speed and slightly bigger thruster boost pool.

– It does not turn great compared to the Gladius or the Hornet.

– It clearly outperforms the Gladius on pure forward acceleration and SCM speed

– It is not very durable

Keep in mind that these are our current MM tunings for the ship and those might change the more ships we include in our pass and the more tuning iterations we do.

As for other things like masses being not correct that is all known. At some point we will adapt the masses to be more believable as we also want the amount of loadout to matter more in the flight tuning.

Hope that helps.

TLDR: The Buccy is already getting love.

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