Drake Buccaneer – An unnecessary nerf

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Viktor Kar’off

Hi Yogi,

Thank you for the very detailed reply, this is a good chunk of information which certainly makes a buccy pilot like myself happy and hopeful for the upcoming Master Modes.

I am glad to see the buccaneer being pushed on the side of high forward acceleration and SCM, as this is how I’ve envisioned playing the role of this ship. I’ve even in several of my posts mentioned being happy nerfing the agility further so it can have a greater forward acceleration.

The glass cannon, high forward power and high damage of the Buccaneer is what always drew me to the ship and has still stuck with me and since has become a firm favourite (hence the many overly passionate threads on the buccy).

For the mass side of loadouts, would this then add benefit to say swapping the size 4 for the dual size 2 spinal mount?

Thank you for the response, this has certainly helped ease concerns on the state of a long term favourite ship.



Atm masses play less of a role than we want but I do not think there will not be a big difference between 2xS2 or 1xS4. In terms of damage numbers those are actually quite comparable.

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