Dev response to the problem brought by the Avenger video about 1 HH (fully crew) vs 4 Bucc // Master Modes

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Rodrigo “Cuco” Rezende

Context: (starts at 13:47)

Dev response in SaltMike’s chat. it’s a piece of good information that, in my opinion, should get a spotlight here too.


Firstly, wanted to mention that my comment was in the context of an example being shown of 4 Buccaneers taking on a Hammerhead, where the complaint was the lack of fun/engagement, as the buccs sat comfortably peppering the HH at 2+km, and whether or not that should be possible (the buccs immerged without damage).

Moments before the above clip/comment Mike stated that a Hammerhead should not be losing in this scenario, which I responded to with “with Maelstrom it wont”, so my larger message was a follow-up to this. In that we know Maelstrom is on its way and will change how this scenario plays out (not to mention the addition of many other things like ADS, Engineering etc), so rather than ensuring this case (and every other “well what about X vs X”) that’s brought up works in the current patch by overtuning to compensate or other things it is more important to establish an acceptable balance that we are confident with going forward with what’s ahead. So that we minimize the “rewind time” of going back and re-balancing everything when these new systems do come in.

I am not saying that we are ignoring capital ship balance, far from it. I am not saying that we are not making patch-to-patch balance updates, if you look at the incremental 3.22.1 EPTU patch notes you can see an abundance of amazing tweaks by the vehicle balance team to deliver a better experience for the patch in every single iteration. And I am definitely not just saying these are a “later” problem, actually I’m saying the opposite, they are a now problem that we balance with the wider context.

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