Dear Narrative Team: Is ArcCorp’s Zeus Mk IV from 2687 going to be Retconned or is the in-game Zeus Mk II a remake of an older ship than that one?

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According to Portfolio: ArcCorp – ArcCorp was flying a Zeus IVas late as 2687 when they began as a company –

“ArcCorp began as a deep-space exploration consortium in 2687. Started in a shipping container by a group of friends, the company aimed to use their lone Zeus IV spacecraft to locate and catalog jump points.”

So that begs the question: Is ArcCorp’s Zeus Mk IV going to be changed to a Zeus Mk I or is the in-game Zeus Mk II a remake of an older ship than the Mk IV ArcCorp started out with? And if it is a re-imagined Mk II then why did they re-imagine it rather than the newer Mk IV?

Hi @JadeStarwatcher –

We answered your question in this installment of Loremakers: Community Questions ( Adding our answer here too so it lives in this thread. Thanks for the question!

Question IV?
Answer: Good catch! When naming the new Zeus Mk II, the mention in the ArcCorp article was unfortunately overlooked. Since the fact that it was a Zeus craft is not that critical to the story of ArcCorp’s founding, we have gone ahead and updated it to an Aurora which had been released about thirty years prior.

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