Day of the Vara 2953 – 60 Seconds of Horror Machinima Contest

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Freyja Vanadis

Welcome to the 60 Seconds of Horror Machinima Contest!

60 seconds is all that is needed for things to go wrong. Horribly wrong. This year, we are asking you to create a spooky video/machinima to share your tales of madness and your symphonies of terror in the ‘verse as part of our Day of the Vara celebrations. Chill our bones and tingle our spines in 60 seconds or less for a chance to win some ghoulish treats!

Before You Begin

Before you start on your submissions, please read the contest rules carefully and remember to only submit your entries to either:

the Community Hub on the ‘Day of the Vara 2953′ event page, with the title ’60 Seconds of Horror Contest 2953’ and the ‘Machinima’ category selected
TikTok using the hashtags #StarCitizen and #DayoftheVara.

:exclamation: Any submission not posted to one of the above locations satisfying the qualifying conditions will not be be considered. :exclamation:

Keep in Mind

Read the contest rules! :book:

Submit your machinima to either the ‘Day of the Vara 2953’ event page on the Community Hub, or TikTok using the hashtags #StarCitizen and #DayOfTheVara. Replies to this thread will NOT count as a submission.
Use ’60 Seconds of Horror Contest 2953’ as the title for your submission on the Community Hub, and select the ‘Machinima’ category for it to be considered.
The machinima must be set in the Star Citizen ’verse and include a horror component. Any other subject will be disqualified.

Videos must not include any third-party music, effects, sounds, soundtrack, or other third-party content. Star Citizen music is accepted.Videos must not include or require reference to, or incorporate by reference, any other video, submission, contest entry, or other external content.

Video must have a total running time of no more than 60 seconds, including any preamble or postscript.
Video must include the ‘Made by the Community’ logo at the end for at least 3 seconds.

Visual post-processing effects ARE allowed. This includes third-party addons like ReShade.

Videos may have a maximum of three contributors or collaborators. You may include more players in the video, but only up to three people submitting the video/machinima are eligible to win.

Submissions should clearly state the handles of all those involved in creating the video at the time of submission.

Submit your Community Hub post carefully, as posts edited after the submission deadline will not be considered. If you have made an error in the post, you can edit your post provided this is done within the official duration of the contest.

Multiple submissions by or involving a participant are NOT permitted.You are limited to winning one prize, so you cannot win on multiple platforms (Community Hub, TikTok).

Winning Conditions

The CIG jury will judge your entries based on:

QualityCreativityRule adherence(Horror) Excitement Level


The submission period will end on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, EOD 11:59 PM Pacific (Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 06:59 UTC)


:first_place_medal: 1st Place: Standalone Drake Corsair in-game ship with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance) and Ghoulish Green paint per contributor / collaborator
:second_place_medal: 2nd Place: Standalone Drake Vulture in-game vehicle with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance) and Ghoulish Green paint per contributor / collaborator
:third_place_medal: 3rd Place: Standalone Drake Buccaneer in-game ship with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance) and Ghoulish Green paint per contributor / collaborator

Hello Ghoultizens,

Thanks to each and every one of you who contributed your hair-raising entries. The team is in the final stages of reviewing the entries, and it’s been a nightmare-inducing challenge due to the incredible quality of submissions we’ve received. The sheer variety of horror tales and the dedication you’ve poured into your machinimas are awe-inspiring!

We understand that the suspense is killing you (pun intended), but rest assured, the winners will be revealed shortly, and I’m sure you’re as excited as we are to discover whose nightmares have won the day. Keep your eyes peeled for the winner announcement!

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