Cutlass series don’t have bathroom, is that part of the narrative or will that be fixed in gold standard?

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As a loyal user of the Cutlass Black, I wanted to know if the Cutlass didn’t have a toilet because it was a medium fighter, or if it would have added an ugly toilet to the Gold Standard.

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We answered your question in this installment of Loremakers: Community Questions ( Adding our answer here too so it lives in this thread. Thanks for the question!

Answer: The initial in-game version of the Cutlass Black did have a toilet as part of its design. An exposed prison-style privy in the cargo hold between a cargo net and the ramp. Using it provided little privacy and considerable danger if the ramp opened during space travel. The rework that produced the current version of the ship removed the toilet, and left the Cutlass Red as the only variant to still have one, tucked into the space occupied by the turret seat in the other variants.

The Ship team hopes to reincorporate a commode into the Cutlass Black and other variants, but space is at a premium on the ship. It would be fun to weave a little lore around the lost loo, like the specs for the military contract the ship was originally designed for mandated its inclusion but Drake removed it following a redesign for the commercial market. But considering there’s a chance it returns, it’s probably best if we keep it out of lore for the moment. If we justify it with lore reasons now, then we’ll have to explain why Drake recalled all the Cutlasses without toilets and replaced them with ones with toilets. An extremely expensive endeavor for a company famous for wanting to keep production costs as low as possible.

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