Combat Geometry Feedback – Master Modes 3.22

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Hello @YogiKlatt-CIG

Looking forward to MM SQB playtesting soon, but in the meantime through all the tuning iterations we’ve seen thus far passive / defensive flying is still very strong in MM for dueling, to the point that a moderately skilled pilot can simply ez kite and aim DPS race down a more aggressive skilled pilot as they try to push into anything resembling interesting geometry.

IE – a pushing or aggressive flight style is still very much punished compared to passive or defensive flight styles, there’s simply no balance to them what-so-ever.

This becomes greatly magnified when boost is low, and because the regen is so slow, the pilot pushing is all the more punished and low energy while the passive / defensive kiter guns them down. Thus all a passive combatant needs to do is play defensively while the aggressor wastes all their boost pushing until becoming low energy.

One of the stated goals of MM is to improve the combat geometry – however this goal simply isn’t realized in any of the iterations we’ve seen so far… if someone wants to play passive, MM is in fact just a slower version of the combat geometry problems we have in Live.

Aside from continued tuning adjustments, one wholesale top-level solution to the above problem would be to apply the egg-shaped velocity limits we have under boost to the non-boosted limits as well. A little could be a lot here, but the equalized velocity limits in all directions is greatly favoring passive / defensive dueling though all iterations of MM we’ve seen so far.

CIG has been advertising and selling a 6dof flight-centric dogfighting component to this game for a decade now, yet instead of rewarding the pilot for pushing in to try and create that close visceral combat experience the coming flight model in MM continues to punish them and provides no solutions to the Live FM’s geometry problems you’re seeking to solve.

Thanks for feedback. Everyone, please be encouraged to propose tuning changes. Playtest all available ships pls. We’ll iterate over things a bit more until 3.22 ships.

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