CIG, The Ship Shields / Hull Damage Model Is Just… Wrong

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Yes, I have seen the CitCon demo, although I admit I didn’t get a chance to see last Friday’s SCL and the interview with Yogi – just watched it now, and had to chuckle at his description of a pistol vs tank scenario.

Yes, there’s maelstrom coming. Yes, there’s physicalised damage coming. Yes, there’s engineering coming. Interestingly enough, it seems HOW the new damage system will handle small weapons vs big ships is still only loosely defined:

“So what exactly these numbers are, whether they’re going to be a threshold or if it’s just calculated based on the physical properties I can’t answer at the moment because we’re still waiting for the system, we don’t even have any idea yet how exactly to tune it. This will come up all when we have the first implementation from the physics guys and then we can look into that.” @YogiKlatt-CIG, SCL 17 Nov, 20213.

Now admittedly, Yogi was kind of put on the spot and had to answer off the cuff. But it does suggest that CIG are not yet at the point where it’s designed and being hardcoded, instead they’re still very much in the design phase. If that is the case, then surely now is a great time for the community to have the conversation? It’s far better to speak up now and support the discussion around what the design should look like, rather than wait until it’s implemented and then face an uphill battle of trying to change it after the fact.

The design intention from our side long term is very clear … we don’t want a couple of small fighters with small guns to be a threat for large ships. Right now that doesn’t work as our damage model is based only on linear damage application and health pools so even tiny pistols can grind away the health of a Bengal. But as mentioned that is not going to stay like that forever. We’re not deep in the design phase either … it is being implemented but just not ready to be handed off for tuning (hence why I said that I don’t know how we tune it yet). We’ll cross that bridge when we’ll get there. One thing that is important here is that we will not prematurely change the design … the first time we will consider that is when actual play feedback comes in … so you have to wait until we finish the first pass.

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