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I have seen people saying the shields were removed on bikes the 3.22 build and the X1 force reduced to 1 shield I was curious if there was a reason you could share about these changes it in an attempt to balance them with the increase to TTK for the players since the players themselves are likely to be taking some of the shots aimed at a bike from hand held weapons ?

Good question – After checking with the vehicle team, this is indeed intentional. The release of the long awaited X1 offered a good opportunity to start rolling out some of the work being done to improve vehicle component gameplay.

As mentioned by others in the thread, this change is the first of many that will ultimately provide an experience aligned with intended design. For bikes in particular, the team wanted to put emphasis on how vulnerable and exposed you are when you decide to go out on a bike. This is in contrast to the advantages of being a smaller target with much better maneuverability, and a smaller signature output. With that said, the X1 Force still features a shield as a unique feature that this variant was based around, to ensure it has a higher safety standard. Most other bikes will have shields removed.

Hey @discolando, I know we’re going on holiday break, but maybe we can corner @MGibson-cig and crew for an SCL when we get back? I think it would be great to share some of the big picture goals here. (Signing you up publicly, sorry Mark!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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