CIG, please add another Team Tank Battle period to AC testing schedule

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@TheDJBuntin-CIG, apologies for the disturbance, but since you were the staff member answering questions related to AC modes, I felt mentioning you would be appropriate.

The subject is in the post name.

Reasons for asking:

1. That game mode was pretty cool (even if not without problems).

2. Not everyone managed to make the time to try it and get their badges.

3. Other game modes were given extensions, so why not this one? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

4. This poor chap contacted me over Guide Program and got really sad when he learned he missed the opportunity to get the badge. Since guides are pretty limited in what we can do, I figured might as well try to ask on their behalf (and behalf of everyone else who missed it, but would like to play it):

Sorry missed this thread – Team Tank Battle was actually playable last week so hopefully all got a chance to play it! We’ll be releasing an updated schedule as we get closer to 3.22’s release. You’ll be seeing more tanks do not worry 😉

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