Capture the Idris Video Contest

A flurry of frigates has entered the Stanton system. Many of which are fully crewed by the fiercest crew the system has ever seen: our developers (Was that okay, y’all? Did we make you sound cool?). Taking them down will prove to be quite the challenge, and we’re sweetening the pot with some prizes.

If you happen to cross paths with the UEE’s most iconic vessel, you’ll have the option to accept the Idris War Game contract in your mobiGlas. We want to see a 10-second video clip of your crew – whether you’re gearing up for battle, flying in formation, or even boarding the Idris itself, show us what you’ve got for a chance to win.

The most creative and exciting entry will take home their very own Aegis Idris-M!


:first_place_medal: 1st Place: Aegis Idris-M in-game ship with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance) and a Star Citizen Game Package

:second_place_medal: 2nd Place: Aegis Redeemer in-game ship with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance) and a Star Citizen Game Package

:third_place_medal: 3rd Place: Aegis Gladius in-game ship with LTI (in-game lifetime insurance) and a Star Citizen Game Package

More Ways to Win:

We’re also giving away the same set of prizes to the daring citizens who manage to get in the pilot’s seat of the mission’s Idris-M for the longest amount of time during the event! This means, there’s value in boarding the ship and taking control, rather than simply destructing. At the end of the event, we’ll calculate which pilots reigned supreme (must be the person controlling the ship).

Before You Begin:

Before you start on your submissions, please read the contest rules carefully and remember to post your entries on the Community Hub and not as a reply to this thread.

:exclamation: Any submission not posted to the Community Hub or without ‘Capture the Idris Video Contest’ in the post title will not be considered. :exclamation:

Keep In Mind

Read the contest rules Please post your video to the Community Hub. Replies to this thread will NOT count as a submission. Use ‘Capture the Idris Video Contest’ as the title for your submission and select the ‘video’ category on the Community Hub. Submissions must be at least 1920×1080 resolution and no longer than 10 seconds. Each video uploaded to the Community Hub is considered a single entry. Multiple entries are not allowed. Group submissions are NOT allowed. Multiple people can participate in the video, but only the person posting the video can win a prize. Music/sound/effects should not infringe on any third-party copyright. This means you’re able to use originally created/sourced music/effects, or official Star Citizen music/effects.

Winning Conditions

The CIG jury will judge your submissions on:

Quality Creativity Rule adherence

Bonus points for videos that are in the Idris’ interior!


The submission period will end on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 11:59 PM Pacific (Thursday, March 7, 07:59 UTC). This provides you ample time to participate and edit/prepare your submission.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your explosive entries!

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