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Did you understand the criticism? It’s not about friends! Streamers and other big orgs can monitor many shards and let the mods and their own community fill the server through the party. As an individual or with a few friends, you hardly have a chance of finding the devs anywhere on a shard.

The feedback is fully understood and taken onboard. Nicou is trying to convey that there are still ways to get involved, even if you’re not a streamer. The first player to take over and pilot the Idris was not streaming, nor a content creator. And throughout the day, we have seen many players and orgs alike take over the Idris, all of whom are not streaming. It’s a bit harder to see that because… well, they are not streaming for you to see it.

Do orgs have a benefit because they can cast a wider net? Absolutely. This is an event that targets a multi-crew behemoth, and there’s no question that strength in numbers (and coordination) will benefit you. This is by design.

To address the general feedback about frequency though, we do have tools in the works that will allow us to expand upon the experience even further in the future. Specifically, we aim to be able to mass-activate special events across many more/potentially all servers. That said though, outside of the developer-crewed Idris’s (Idrii? Did we ever agree on what we call plural Idrises?), the team has been activating countless Idris throughout the day armed to the teeth with FPS AI.

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