Capture the Idris – Crew Up for Capital-Class Chaos

Capture the Idris

Crew Up for Capital-Class Chaos

Last October, we had a blast engaging with all of you in an epic chase to secure the legendary Anvil F8C Lightning. So, as we get into the midst of what promises to be Star Citizen’s biggest year yet, we’re heading back into the ‘verse with a bang… the kind of bang you only get from the massive railgun at the bow of a mighty Idris-M (some of which are crewed by a geared-up band of our developers).

That’s right, we’re offering you a fresh look at capital-ship gameplay and the nearly finished Aegis Idris interior… but you’ll have to take it from us first, and we aren’t going down without a fight.

Seek and Subdue

Between February 23 and 27, keep an eye out for the “Idris War Game” mission for the chance to capture and control an Idris for as long as you can. As mentioned above, some of these behemoths will be fully crewed by our developers, and they’re hungry for a fight!

Rally your crew and see if you can take them down and then fend off attackers from your new capital-class throne for as long as you can!

Show Us What You Got

What’s more, throughout the duration of the event, we’re giving away an Idris-M along with other highly prized ships to the crew that creates the coolest 10-second clip of their Idris conquest. Whether you show us your crew gearing up for the mission, flying in formation to prepare for attack, bantering en route, taking the ship, or going down in a blaze of glory, the most creative submission will capture an Idris for good.

There’s also another way to compete – the pilot who controls an Idris the longest will be crowned the ultimate infiltrator and fly home in an Idris-M of their own.

Cap-Ship Stoppers

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