Bar Citizen World Tour – 2024

Hi everyone,

Over the past two years, we’ve visited many of you as part of our Bar Citizen World Tour. Following the challenging years during the pandemic, we believed there was no better way to emerge and re-connect with all of you than by coming to you on your home turf. This also provided an opportunity for us to spend time with those of you who may have been too far or unable to attend our official events.

This initiative was intended to be temporary. However, we were consistently met with such a contagiously vibrant energy—a shared passion for space and Star Citizen that transcends barriers of language and culture. No matter where we traveled, the sense of belonging and camaraderie was seriously special. Through these events, we witnessed firsthand the meaningful connections forged through the ‘verse, serving as an incredible reminder of just how proud we are of this community.

With that in mind, we’re happy to share that the Bar Citizen World Tour will continue in 2024! Just like before, we want to hear from you about where we should visit. The better the turnout, the greater the opportunity we have to connect with as many of you as possible. In this case, the bigger, the better—although we won’t rule out smaller events!

If you’re not comfortable posting within this thread, feel free to fire off a private message directly to me or anyone else on the Community Team (@Nicou-CIG, @Freyja-CIG @JakeAcappella-CIG, @Wayne-CIG, @Skelting-CIG) and we’ll make sure to add it to our list of locations to consider.

Thanks everyone! o7

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