Assault on Stanton – Join the Fight Against XenoThreat

Incoming Communication

“Attention volunteers,

“The moment we feared is upon us. XenoThreat is here and declaring all-out war on Stanton.
We need you now more than ever. Get out there and show us what you’ve got –
the system is counting on you.”

Civilian Defense Force Liaison Rowena Dulli

All volunteers who participated in the Overdrive Initiative, we thank you for your bravery and perseverance.
Without your efforts, we would be entirely unprepared for the XenoThreat assault. But you aren’t done yet; far from it.
In this, the eleventh hour, we need you more than ever.

As a token of our appreciation, all volunteers who complete the final two Overdrive Initiative missions
(Check your mobiGlass for missions beginning with ‘Overdrive Initiative’) will be rewarded with a recovered
set of XenoThreat medium armor to add to their collections.

Welcome aboard, volunteer!

Feel like you may have gotten in over your head? Fear not! We have everything you need right here.

Phase 1: Attack Imminent

Thanks to the tireless efforts of brave volunteers like you, we know when and where XenoThreat is attacking. Now, we play the waiting game. Be vigilant, we haven’t come this far to fall asleep at the stick.

Phase 2: Resupply

Assist in resupplying a Navy Javelin destroyer to ready it for the incoming raid. You may want to crew up to safely recover those new extra-large DynaFlex cargo containers.

Phase 3: Main Assault

This is it – the moment where we all find out who we really are. Mount up, volunteer. It’s time to kick XenoThreat back to Pyro once and for all.


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