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I just joined Star Citizen for the first time. In truth I tried playing last year at IAE but the loading screen was stuck and I never got past that so never played at all. But I’m back! Very cool game, a few bugs. Here are some of my new player experiences.

My first experience was playing the tutorial in New Babbage. I went to the space port as instructed. There was a crashed ship in the port, which was curious. I requested my tutorial ship and then somehow fell through the floor of the building. I fell a great distance before landing below the building and outside in a blizzard. I sat, legs broken, bleeding, freezing, and dying, and wondered how I would get back on track. A friend was kind enough to help by pointing out I could hold the backspace key to commit suicide. And thus ended the tutorial and began my IAE week I think the tutorial did a good job of preparing me for the game though. A few other experiences, in random order:

1. I got stuck in a lot of chairs. Any time I sat in a chair I took a risk as holding Y wasn’t reliable. Salvaging alone in space I found myself sitting in a burned out ship on several occasions. I was able to get out via ejector seat one time, which was lucky.

2. Riding the train at New Babbage is scary as it regularly flies off the tracks and causes me to fear death, but then it snaps back again.

3. Doing bounty missions has been difficult as every time I have to kill a guy in a bunker that guy seems to be stuck in a wall and I can’t finish the mission. I’ve tried maybe 5 times now and never finished one.

4. Salvage has been difficult, though I’m getting better at it. I grabbed many sweet size 5 guns off this one ship and stuck them in my rented Constellation hangar bay. With a huge load of valuable cargo, I hit the button to close the cargo bay, and then had all the guns clip through the door, start vibrating wildly, and fly off into deep space. I was able to save a few however, but this time I got them to stick by manually working them deeper into the ship, putting them in living areas and the like. I think I lost money on that job.

5. I was able to salvage a huge power plant from an Aegis Redeemer. Normally this giant component wouldn’t be able to leave the ship since it must go down a tiny ladder it won’t fit through, but via the magic of lag and clipping somehow things shook a bunch, and then it appeared down the ladder. That was a 10k credit value!

6. I almost fell down elevator shafts a few times when the doors opened but no elevator appeared. I also got stuck in a bunker when an elevator wouldn’t come.

7. I found a sweet haul of ore cargo in the back of a salvage ship I was taking apart. I loaded up my rented Vulture right to the max with giant SCU crates and went to the refinery. But then I found out I can’t refine this ore and had to throw it all away.

8. Some YouTube guys claimed you could make millions of dollars finding drugs in risky salvage missions, so a friend and I spent a day trying this. We found no drugs and both lost all our money (about 150k each) paying for expensive salvage missions.

9. Many times my guy lost his head. It just wasn’t there. And because I didn’t have a head, I wasn’t able to drink. Other times I did have a head, but I still wasn’t able to drink. I had to run to med bays on a regular basis to stay hydrated.

10. I was in a lot of ships that exploded randomly, often while leaving hangars. Everything seemed good, and then I was back in the med bay in my gown.

11. I spent a lot of time dragging inventory items around, and having them snap back again. I’m still not sure what the trick is.

12. I got stuck in hangar bays a few times when hangar doors wouldn’t open. I put in the request, and the guy is like “yup, you’re clear to land”. But I was taking off.

13. I got stuck in the elevator of a Carrack at the IAE show. I went into the shaft, only the realize the actual elevator wasn’t there, but it was too late and the door had closed behind me.

14. I did a lot of running. The convention center for IAE appears to be constructed for giant people, and I felt like an ant trying to cover the distance. I ran and ran, and then my guy got dehydrated.

15. I notice NPC characters play “the floor is lava” a lot, and they all love standing on furniture.

16. It takes me several minutes to get into a Syulen in zero-G. Just as I approach the door some mystery super gravity slams me and I start spinning and hitting things and I nearly die. Then I recover, back up, and try another run, only for the same result. It takes a while to get in. I have similar difficulty with other ships too. I’d love zero-G inside the ship with a button to toggle gravity generation, perhaps.

17. I killed a lot of NPC mercenaries who were just standing around. I assume they were bad guys, but they never shot at me so maybe not? They also often stood in tight crowds, so shooting them all was easier.

18. I did one investigation mission where I came under attack by the mercenaries and when they showed up I fought back and went on their ship and shot them all. Everybody was dead. But after I left the ship it took off and flew away.

19. I spent a lot of time on ladders. Climbing a ladder once is never enough, you’ve gotta do it 6 times before you’re allowed to walk away. Climb down…grab on! Climb down…grab on! Same with going up: climb up, go down! I guess my guy loves that ladder experience.

20. The Drake ships love the color green for the HUD. Intense eye burning green. No subtle dark greens here, we’re going full fuzzy neon glow. One of the big reasons I’m not sure I want a Drake ship. That, and they have too many doors. I’ve opened so many doors on Drake ships.

21. I took a mission to find a missing guy in a cave, with a reward of about 4k. The cave was pretty cool. I spent several hours running all through it but never found anything and had to abandon the mission. At one point music started to play as I got to a deep spot but then there was nothing there.

22. I did a delivery mission but got stuck holding a box. I couldn’t deliver it or drop it, I just had to hold it. I had to abandon that mission.

23. I threw so many bottles on the ground. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t seem to have a choice.

24. I carried around a lot of ammunition magazines with 2 bullets in them.

25. I lost my cool space suit many times, and now I don’t think that much about what armor I wear.

26. I bought a cool expensive laser rifle and a whole bunch of ammo one time. I was excited to use it. But then I died and lost everything before even firing a shot.

27. I tried hand salvaging. I spent 2 hours slowly beaming away hull from a small fighter. After filling 12 little canisters I was out of refills and hadn’t even finished 50% of my salvage mission. I had to abandon it. I took the salvage canisters to a city and sold them to a store, for maybe 3 UEC each. I think I got ripped off, and was probably supposed to sell the hull material somewhere else.

28. I bumped into a friend in an elevator once and almost killed him. I didn’t realize I was hitting him with an intense body slam.

29. I spent a lot of time trying to find space ports to land at. A few times I gave up and left. I think at Hurston one time I suddenly entered a restricted area and they were going to shoot me or something and I had to get out of there fast. I never went back, and after nearly 2 weeks still haven’t landed at Hurston.

30. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right hangar bay to land in at New Babbage. Now my technique is to fly low near the hangar doors before requesting entry. Sometimes I get an indication of where to go, sometimes not. And then one at a time I enter each open hangar and watch for a warning that I’m in the wrong place. If there’s no warning, I land.

31. The area outside the Commons garage in New Babbage looks like the apocalypse just happened. Wreckage everywhere. It’s tricky getting a vehicle out when you have to drive through the carnage at 20 fps.

32. I have random inventory spread all over the place. I don’t know where everything is, but a lot of stuff is located in medical centers.

33. I’ve turned my mouse sensitivity down to 1 (the lowest), and it’s still so sensitive that I can’t control a turret or my ship when in third person mode. When trying to land in a tricky hangar I’ll sometimes switch to third person, but I can’t fly this way because a slight movement of the mouse causes a mad swing in my ship and then I crash. I’m not sure if I missed anything.

34. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to try and learn how to do things, and pretty much all of them were wrong and told me wrong keys to press, wrong techniques, and so on. Everything is out of date, or greatly exaggerated. In two weeks I still haven’t made a million, they lie!

35. I’m unable to crack most rocks I find with rented mining ships. Yesterday I found two rocks with 80 SCU of Quantanium beside another 185 SCU in gold. But even with the help of a friend shooting two lasers in an Argo Mole we couldn’t mine them.

36. I learned that I have to pick up an entire refined ore job all at once and I need a big enough ship to carry it all or I can’t get anything. Since I may not have access to large ships later when I pick up I wanted to break my order up into multiple small jobs instead by refining only one component. I didn’t realize you are forced to refine everything, and anything you don’t select is destroyed. This lesson cost me 90% of my ore one time.

36. My armor is too fat and it blocks the display of my Mobiglass. I lose the left 1/3 of the screen.

37. I often can’t hear my ship’s voice audio. I don’t know why, but it’s crazy quiet.

38. Audio in the game is quieter than other games. I turn up my receiver 10 dB higher than normal when playing.

I have more, but I’m at the post limit.

I bought a Syulen package.

Check out that Server FPS (what FPS?).

I just wanted to say this a really good informative post. Thank you for contributing to development.

I have passed this list onto several departments so we can start closing these issues down.

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