Arena Commander Modes – Schedule

Arena Commander

Arena Commander is an all-action game mode featuring explosive ship combat, tense FPS battles, and high-octane racing.

New content is added each major patch, including maps and racetracks, while game modes are swapped out regularly. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so let us know what you think about Arena Commander’s numerous modes and match types in the dedication Spectrum channel.

Quick In & Out Adventures!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 introduced a major revamp to the Arena Commander game module, including unique Experimental Modes.

These range from simple variants of existing modes to brand-new experiences that explore new mechanics, locations, and in-development features before they’re released in the Persistent Universe.

Our intention is to rotate these modes in and out of the game in limited-time cycles.


Titles, or Spectrum Badges, are labels with associated icons usually displayed next to a player’s avatar and name on Spectrum. You can change your displayed title in your Account Profile. Rewards are disabled in offline mode.

Players can obtain titles in many ways, including backing Star Citizen, participating in various events, and by playing Arena Commander.

Gun Rush

Gun Rush is a free-for-all elimination mode where the goal is to kill other players with each available weapon.

All players will begin with the same gun and, upon eliminating another player, will cycle to the next gun in the list. The first player to score an elimination with all weapons wins!


FPS-based team combat between two teams of up to 12 players each.

Battle for dominance as you and your team fight to hold the control points before time runs out.

Classic Race

Ship-based racing among up to 8 players. Also available offline.

Push your ship to its limit and be the first to cross the finish line.

Pirate Swarm

A team of up to 4 players against a squadron of enemy pirates.

Hold off an onslaught by the infamous NovaRider gang and some of their most notorious members. Your ships are limited, so excessive casualties will result in defeat.

Endless Vanduul Swarm

A team of up to 4 players against a squadron of enemy Vanduul ships.

Hold off an overwhelming Vanduul onslaught led by several infamous Vanduul Prime pilots. UEE ships are in limited supply, so excessive casualties will result in defeat. How long can you survive?

Squadron Battle

Ship-based team combat between two teams of up to 8 players each.

Fight together to score more than the other team, or beat the score limit to win.

Free Flight

Ship-based test flying and exploration among up to 16 players.

Explore without the need to kill. Meet with fellow pilots on landing pads, inspect, and swap ships.

Master Modes

Master Modes is available as a limited-time Experimental Mode in Alpha 3.20 to test out the upcoming changes to how ships operate in the ‘verse. This change is available in Free Flight, Duel, and the new Endless Vanduul Swarm modes.

Master Modes splits your travel through space into two distinct speed groups: SCM allows shields, weapons, and high-regeneration rates for your power capacitors, but you’re limited on top speed. NAV allows high speed but no shields, no weapons, and restricts capacitor regeneration. Changing between the two modes is not instantaneous.

This updated flight model is available to try on the Aegis Gladius for a limited time, so jump in and send us your feedback!

Single & Team Elimination

FPS-based combat between up to 12 players.

Fight for your life in single or team-elimination battles, where every kill brings you one point closer to victory.

Single & Team Tank Royale

You and your tank fight it out for supremacy in this Nova-only free-for-all or team battle. Score points via eliminations and survive as long as you can!

Kill Collector

Kill Collector has players fight for more than just kills. In this fast-paced 12-player elimination mode, downed opponents drop more than their bodies – collect their trophies to earn points and take home the win.

Single & Team Elimination, Single Weapon Elimination

Single Weapon Elimination is a free-for-all elimination mode where every player is limited to a single predefined weapon.

Single & Team Elimination are the same game modes with various weapons.


Ship-based showdown between two players.

Put your dogfighting skills to the test in an intense 1v1 duel.

Duo Showdown

Debuted during CitizenCon 2953, Arena Commander introduces Duo Showdown. Utilize teamwork in this best-of-three dogfighting mode that’ll put more than just your piloting skills to the test.

Battle Royale

Ship or vehicle-based combat between up to 16 players.

Score as many points as possible by defeating your opponents in tanks or ships.

Day of the Vara

Arena Commander’s Gun Rush mode got super scary as all the player models were replaced with terrifying skellies for Day of the Vara!


During the Luminalia season, players in Gun Rush could earn themselves a festive holiday Pico and play disguised as the top reindeer in the sleigh!


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