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Thanks for the clarification, I have a follow up question:

for the spectrum badge 999th Test Squadron, we need to play the following modes:

Gun Rush

Master Modes: Vanduul Swarm

Master Modes: Duel

Single Weapon Elimination

Tank Royale

Team Tank Battle

Mirror Match

Is “duel” the same as “Master Modes: Duel” with the updated Schedule? Or will “Master Modes: Duel” come at a later time instead?


Hey @Starcatraz.

As listed in the Alpha 3.22.0 Patch Notes, the 999th Test Squadron Spectrum badge will now be earned by playing the following modes:

Tank RoyaleTeam Tank BattleSingle Weapon EliminationMaster Modes: Squadron Battle (replaced Master Modes: Duel)Master Modes: Classic RaceMaster Modes: Endless Vanduul SwarmKill Collector (FPS)Kill Collector (Vehicles)Duo ShowdownTeam Elimination

Heads up: make sure you stay in the match until after the post-game scoreboard appears for it to count! :slightly_smiling_face:

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