Are Wormholes Potentially ‘Intergalactic’?

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Why would you remove these awesome structures? They looked sick and made the jumpgates appear sound and understandable. Now it is just this animated VFX blob connected to an interstellar drain pipe that just sits there. Imo a massive downgrade and kind of takes you out of the immersion. At least the gates seemed to make sense, a technological structure that has the jumpgate inside.

Having this much fidelity in a game and then there is just this VFX effect floating in the middle of space is kind of taking me out of it. I dont know, it feels too unrealistic (I know, I know, what isnt in this game, but you get the idea) & underwhelming and it is kind of ruining the whole hype that built up around jump gates for me. I was fascinated by all the lore surrounding them as well as promotional videos such as for the Starrunner, remember that derelict jump gate? I loved the imposing nature of these jump gates.

Who made this decision and why? I’d just like to know the reasons because I cant think of any.

Hi @BARTISHERE , one of the reasons why was because in early discussions about explorations there was a desire to have jump points that could lead to undiscovered systems. If all jump points required a gate, then it would be a fixed number of systems. So we effectively needed jump points to be able to accommodate a ship opening and charting a new jump point, which inherently downgraded the need for the jump gate. The justification of the gate ‘stabilizing’ the jump point once it had been sparked open by a ship (but requiring a massive amount of power to sustain, etc.) was a workaround to try and justify both.

As @Khain_Stormwolf pointed out in his posts, the structure itself wasn’t generating the wormhole. That’s a pre-existing point in space, the ship’s jump drive is just emitting an energy field that activates/opens the tear into interspace.

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