Anvil F7C Hornet Mk II – Rise Above


For a century and a half, the Anvil Hornet has proven itself Humanity’s most-trusted military defender. The original set the standard – defining the space-superiority fighter – while the Mk II refined it beyond expectation, becoming legend following covert operations in Odin and an explosive victory at the Battle of Vega.

Now, in the face of further adversity, Anvil is unleashing the Mk II onto the civilian market, beginning with the F7C.

Stronger, faster, and with heavier firepower, the Hornet Mk II is poised to preserve the Empire and protect its people once more.


Authorized Mil-Spec Upgrade

XenoThreat has returned and the stakes have never been higher. So, for the
first time in history, the UEE Navy has approved the military-exclusive F7A
Hornet Mk II for civilian use. Hitting harder than the already devastating F7C
thanks to additional turrets and missiles, the F7A is a no-compromise fighter
outfitted for the most dangerous combat encounters.

However, such a focused war machine can’t be operated by anybody. To gain
approval, play your part in the Overdrive Initiative – a Civilian Defense Force
operation to wipe out XenoThreat terrorists before they can assault
Stanton. Upon completion, the UEE Navy will grant all F7C Mk II owners a
complimentary upgrade to the F7A Mk II.

Anvil upped the ante with larger hardpoints and heavier firepower,
ensuring the Mk II can shred almost any ship foolhardy enough to pick a fight with it.

A slimmed-down frame means a smaller signature, tighter handling, improved maneuverability,
and, ultimately, a heavy fighter that’s remarkably hard to hit.

Despite its extreme combat abilities, the F7C can be used for everyday travel
and light delivery missions thanks to 2 SCU of cargo space.


The F7A unleashes even more devastation thanks to its full
military-spec loadout, featuring an additional nose-mounted
hardpoint, top-mounted auxiliary turret, and dual missile racks.

This military-spec upgrade is granted to CDF volunteers upon
completion of the Overdrive Initiative.



Warbond Standalone pledges come with Lifetime Insurance.

Visit for details.

F7 Mk II Paints

Compatible with F7C and F7A Hornet Mk II variants.

Visit for details.

F7A Mk II Paint Offers

Exclusively for those awarded the opportunity to upgrade to a true military-spec F7A Mk II.

Visit for details.



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