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Hi Yogi!

I’ve always thought that a good way to balance this would be to introduce an internal magazine to ships and keeping ammo counts for guns close to live, but having an autoloader that will reload guns over a few seconds. This also helps to promote using multiple weapon types as monoboating ballistics will be splitting the internal magazine pool. Medium and Heavy fighters could also have larger internal magazines as a balancing dial.

For example, suppose that the gladius has a magazine that supports 6 reloads. If it runs ballistic guns on every hardpoint, it can reload 2x. If it runs energy on the nose and ballistics on the wings, it can reload 3x. If it runs ballistics only on the nose it can reload 6x.

A Hornet could have a magazine that supports 12 reloads. If it runs 6x ballistic guns it can only reload 2x. If it runs ballistics on the turret and on the nose it can reload 3x. If it runs ballistics on the turret only, it can reload 6x.

If reloading takes maybe 5 seconds, it adds a natural pause, similar to overheat in the current test.

That pretty much mimics what we’d like to see as well … it’s not a quick thing to implement though.

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