Alpha 3.22 Patch Watch | Ready for Takeoff

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2) IFCS – Boost Ramping

Boost can now be ramped up and down. For example, it is not immediately active at full strength, which smoothes out general movement and reduces PIP wiggling, and ramp-up/down times can be balanced independently for each ship.

3) IFCS – Boost Direction Modifiers

Boost modifiers can now applied per boost direction, not just per axis. This means we have a lot more control over individual performance parameters. For example, we can disallow boosting backwards.

4) IFCS – Boosted Rotation Rates

While boost is held, ships are now able to momentarily reach higher rotation rates. The boost ramping helps smooth that process.

#2: What is the ramp up and ramp down duration? How long will it take to go to 100%? is it on a curve?

#3: Cool! But what direction is getting more or less boost? Will it be different per ship?

#4: Will the non-boosted rates get lowered to offset an ultimately higher rate?

#2: most ships 1 sec / 0.5 sec, but faster on the Buccy

#3: Forward gets most boost (between 50% and 70%), the other directions are limited to about about 30% to 40%

#4: no, rotation rates went up across the board because we want to move the fighter archetypes closer in terms of agility so that the light fighters feel more threatened and the medium fighters become competitive again. The Gladius on paper will still outmanoeuver a Vanguard but the difference is not as drastic as in live.

That’s the current tunings, we might change those after community feedback though.

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