Alpha 3.22 Patch Watch | Antares Arsenal

Hi everyone,

Following our recent Patch Watch post, we’re back with some new (and exciting) information that came to light that will impact Scorpius Antares pilots in Alpha 3.22.

As of the latest EPTU build, we’ve added a new feature to the Antares, which allows the co-pilot to now control the Remote Turret Camera. More importantly, the co-pilot will also now have primary control over missiles when the seat is occupied (when flying solo, these will remain with the pilot).

When entering the co-pilot seat’s remote turret, you’ll find a new option to enter Missile Operator Mode, granting you the ability to both lock on and fire missiles, even if they are outside of the pilot’s initial cone of fire. This is a significant new addition to the ship, makinge first vehicle to date to have this functionality. Looking to the future, this is the same functionality that will be set up on the RSI Polaris when it becomes flight ready.

While the functionality will make it in for Alpha 3.22, not all of the dashboard art changes have been implemented. So, if you’re looking for how to enable this new mode, simply look to the left of the QD buttons.

We hope you enjoy this change and look forward to hearing your thoughts once you give it a go in-game. :boom:

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