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@MGibson-cig Love these changes, the Antares is one of my favourite ships and I look forward to it being more viable! I have one question about it – an interesting bit of trivia about it is it had an animation and VFX for activating a quantum snare once, but when it went to live it just had a dampener. Was it ever intended to have a snare and if so, why did it lose it? We only have one snare ship in the game and many of us were excited for more as initially it presented itself as a sort of ‘side-grade’ to the mantis. Thank you!

If memory serves it was just the vfx for the snare that could be triggered this was not intended, entity the item that does the gameplay loops is the same one for both and if I remember correctly we accidently left in some of the triggers for the vfx, it was never intended to have snaring.

At the moment your right there is only one ship in players hands that features a snare but that doesn’t mean there wont be more in the future, the Scorpius Antares will most likely never be on of those however :slightly_smiling_face:

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