A Heartfelt Ode to Star Citizen’s New Character Customizer: A Leap Forward in Diversity and Inclusion

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So.. I made a youtube video… Got a lot of really good comments/feedback and a lot to think about. After careful consideration and thought, I came up with this.

Particularly one guy on my video made me realise something very important and quite frankly, something that made me feel quite stupid for not realising this my self. But he/she made me see that even in view of my own standards, my own view of the world, I was completely off the mark in what I wrote to you here. So please, if you will, accept my unreserved apology. I truly mean this. Also, and I cannot fathom why I didn’t just write this from the get go.

I am, sincerely, and was actually always, happy for you that the new character creator made you feel more welcome into this community. I never had an issue with it in the first place. To me it means that I can make a more elaborate fat face with a goatie, but for you it probably means so much more.

I may be stubborn and have a, for most people, weird take on the world, but I am not bigger than being able to recognise when I was wrong.

And if any of the CIG devs are watching this. When can I make my character body fat?

That’s good. I was disappointed in your video, but I respect and appreciate this response. By celebrating diversity, we foster deeper connections and understanding, making life’s journey all the more vibrant and fulfilling. If we lead with compassion and patience, we gain a better understanding of others’ perspectives.

Our universe will always be for everyone.

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