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Hello !

I am pretty confuse with the 999Th achievement prerequisite, from what we had since the new “mode rotation” we had :

– Tank Royale

– Team Tank Royale

– Single Weapon Elimination

– MM : Squadron Battle

– MM : Classic Race

– MM : Endless Vanduul Swarm

And we did not have yet :

– Kill Collector (FPS)

– Kill Collector (Vehicule)

– Duo Showdown (Is it the Duel mode ???)

– Team Elimination

Can seomeone confirm me that I am updated on my modes ? I missed from only one game mode last time to get the title I really want it now.

The schedule do not show anything mentionning Kill collector or Showdown, when are they scheduled ?

Thanks for the help !

You can check the requirements to get the badge at any time using this comm-link which we’ll keep updated atleast until we have an in-game tracker: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/Comm-links/19735-Arena-Commander-Modes-Schedule.

As for what modes are active- that comm-link also has that information! Team Elimination was active throughout the Luminalia event and is active again this week! The other 3 modes are yet to debut but stay tuned 😉

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