30009 Error constantly on launch

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For the record, for a portion of the day yesterday, a good portion of my organization was experiencing this. Up until yesterday, performance during IAE was quite good, servers were very stable. But early yesterday, from morning to early afternoon, the backend database was having issues with slow inventory loading (>1min response), accounts getting stuck at ‘processing entitlements’ on logging in, ASOP terminals not loading ships, ships taking a very long time to spawn, and similar issues, including log in queues, as well as the 30009 errors. Had at least a dozen plus people all having the same issues at about the same time, from 11a EST until at least 2-3p EST.

Edit: Wanted to add this was happening across multiple regions. Had people on Asian-Pacific servers experiencing database latency at the same time as AUS/EU/US.

The 30009 disconnections that players encountered during Sunday were due to some problems that were caused by database issues. Analytics that I have for those disconnections work correctly and the accounts that were affected by that should be able to log in now (if they can’t, they should let us know). The issue that this thread was started for appears to predate the issues we were having on Sunday and it looks like the disconnection analytics that I have for it might not be working correctly so it’s likely a different issue than what was happening on Sunday.

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