3.23 ANVIL Carrack Cargo Pod Access? [Q.3.23 Freight Elevators]

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Hey there CIG, just wondering with the upcoming release of 3.23 containing the first implementation physicalizing cargo/freight, freight elevators, and an overall overhaul to the “Cargo Loop”; what will happen to the Anvil Carrack?

Currently, there is no way to physically access the Carracks cargo as the Pods do not open – So I’d like to know, with this first implementation of the of physicalized cargo/freight will we see Cargo pod access for the Carrack?

or should we maybe just prepare ourselves for the upcoming update making the Carrack unusable for cargo/hauling in 3.23?

Thanks so much in advance!

Much love, keep up the amazing work!

There’s a lot of decisions made about ships over the years which did not anticipate these changes in cargo. We’ve been working closely with the vehicle teams to raise issues, but there will be ships in 3.23 which won’t be able to fully benefit from the new cargo system until revisited later. That said it won’t be that they’ll be unusable, just less efficient for manual loading. You’ll be able to haul smaller boxes, but obviously find issue with the larger 8 SCU+ type boxes. Additionally working on support for automated loading options for all ships (for locations that support it) so while you won’t be able to fully utilize it for manual hauling there will still be a path for you to get your space trucking on.

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