3.22 Test Universe Champions

3.22 Test Universe Champions

Before any update to Star Citizen hits the Live servers, it undergoes a rigorous set of testing phases on the Public Test Universe, or PTU for short. The most egregious of bugs and issues are smashed throughout these phases, thanks to your hard work.

With the massive effort put into bringing Alpha 3.22 – Wrecks to Riches to life, from us internally as well as through amazing testers such as yourselves, we wanted to thank every one of you for your help over the last few months!

While we have a robust incentivization program planned down the road, in the short term, we wanted to draw a special spotlight on some of our top testing contributors, with rewards to boot! We plan to continue this new initiative for future patches, with new categories each cycle.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone on this page, and to each of you who have logged in and made a meaningful impact on the development of Star Citizen. If you’re looking for more ways to get involved, make sure to check out the Testing section of Spectrum and keep an eye out for future PTU announcements!

Conspicuous Consumption

These players had the highest average salvage between all ship parts during open PTU phases and will receive an Argo RAFT.


Can’t Contain Their Enthusiasm

These players bought and sold the most amount of the newly added Carriable Cargo Containers during open PTU phases and will receive a MISC Freelancer MAX.


Dwelling In The Dilapidated

These players spent the most amount of time on foot at the newly added Derelict Settlements during open PTU phases and will receive a Crusader Mercury Star Runner.


Down Rangers

These players purchased so many FPS weapons from in-game shops with aUEC during Open PTU that they had to restock and will receive a Crusader C1 Spirit.


Skill Issues Mastered

These players spent the most amount of time in Master Modes Game Modes during open PTU phases and will receive an RSI Constellation Andromeda.


Praised Appraisers

These players most closely matched the severity rating of their Issue Council reports or contributions to the eventual community severity and will receive an Origin 400i.


Sources Forces

These players had the most Issue Council contributions to fixed issues that had comments and evidence and will receive an Aopoa San’tok.yāi.


The Refreshments

These players most consistently updated their Issue Council contributions and will receive an Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet.


Council Confirmed

These players had the highest amount and ratio of Issue Council contributions they created that were confirmed by the community and will receive an Esperia Talon Shrike.


Duplication Nation

These players most accurately labeled an Issue Council report as duplicate and will receive a Gatac Syulen.



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