[3.22.1 PTU Feedback – Arena Commander] Gravlev Racing

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So we hosted a community Grav Race yesterday.

It was a lot of fun. Grav Races or ground races in general have HUGE potential.

Some things I noticed:

Random map selection is ok, since we only have 4 maps. If we get more maps we need the option to select specific maps. There has to be a way to lock the grav bikes to the ground or turn it off so it returns to the ground faster than it does now. flying 1000m in the air kills all fun.it would be nice to be able to sace the power configuration. you have to change it on every start and every crash.please make friendly fire / use of weapons an option we can turn on and off before the race.performance on the microtech track is terrible compared to all other tracksplease give us an indicator for set heightplease give us chains and bats like road rash 64 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) some kind of power ups would be nice. like additional boost power or shields, just for arcade purposes

Thanks for the feedback! Glad yous had fun with your event!

> Map Selection

When Custom Lobbies come online you’ll be able to select your map; however, we’ve been investigating how we could allow map selection for online as I believe its vital for racing game modes. We think we’ve found a way to allow online map selection without waiting for the new matchmaker, we’re still investigating but will be sure to update y’all here or via monthly report & patch notes if we do get it in.

> Power Configuration

Whilst we cant enable Interaction mode in the pre-game we will be enabling power distribution keybinds, should see this in 3.23.

> Weapons Enabled

This’ll eventually be an option in Custom Lobby Settings, for now “Shifting Sands” is the only track that allows this to gather feedback.

> Rivers Edge Performance

We’re aware of this and investigating. Thanks!

> Arcade Pickups

Would love to eventually do this as an Experimental Mode :slightly_smiling_face: got lots of fun ideas!

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