[3.22.1 EPTU] Feedback: Why Fights in 3.22.1 ePTU are further away and Positional Combat is not happening

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Also, the lower weapon velocities are a hard nope for me! We used to have amazing combat back when the projectile velocities were 2000-2500 m/s and a max top SCM of 280 m/s, so neither of those two things are issues.

The caveat here is that desync back in those years was a lot worse than it is today. I often have people referring older pre-3.5 builds to me as having great positional combat … however during that time the desync was so bad that often ship attitudes would be off by 90 degrees between two players. In a 6-DOF game with both pilots having the same ship it is not false to assume that they will almost always be nose to nose at the same time.

The only thing higher projectile speeds achieve is shorter PIP lines and thus giving the defender less space to evade shots. So you basically balance the requirements of the offender and defender against each other here.

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