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Latecomer to EPTU here. I have been having a blast in 3.22 MM. I’m not aware of all the changes between 3.22 and 3.22.1 for MM but im slowly getting up to speed.

I’m assuming CIG’s goal here to present players with a fun experience when it come’s to fighting. What we currently have in star citizen is much more tracking based in terms of aim in ship combat. CoD and Apex legends are good examples for aim assist, it’s really strong and feels good for the controller players. Majority needs systems like aim assist in order to compete against talent and time being put in the game. Fight’s i have witnessed and been in take way too long compared to live MM between above average or really good players in EPTU. In live MM i witnessed very average players do fairly well in SQB and have good time. Aim assist change would be too much for the average PU player. I’d rather have a game where majority engage’s in combat than select few.

My comparisions are to the Flight model we have in PU and i personally feel TTK is fine in 1v1’s and x vs x situations in 3.22 and 3.22.1 and it’s more of a how good the person’s aim is and if they know where and when to shoot question to me.

For the 1 vs X situation’s in my personal opinion 3.22 and 3.22.1 sits at a good place as well considering the player knows how to be evasive in group fights.

Long story short: Can we keep messing around with aim assist numbers between the live flight model and the live MM for the upcoming patches to see what can be fun for the majority.


just to explain a few things, aim assist is done per gun and is calculated based on the angular difference between the barrel and the optimal aim point for each gun.

The assist values are composed of min angle, max angle and max possible nudge angle.

A couple of releases we had:

0.7 / 3 / 3 … that is quite strong. The criticism of players predominantly flying light fighters was that there was no evasion gameplay for them.

So a little bit later we tried out this:

0.7 / 1.5 / 1.5

For this one we oversteered quite a bit. LF pilots had their evasion back but it made them almost invulnerable to turrets and specifically less experienced players.

Currently we set it to this:

0 / 3 / 3 … this is still less than we had originally but a lot more than in the previous build. The reason for those has more to do with 3.22.1 popping soon and I do not want to find myself in a situation where the MM AC modes are only enjoyable for our upper end PVP players, thus reducing the amount of players playing it.

Upcoming iterations of that will be:

– 0 / 3 / 2.25

– slightly reducing the side strafe accelerations but increasing the down strafe of LFs

– decrease g-thresholds (i.e. faster exhaustion) on down-strafing

And then we’ll see where we land.

Just to make clear what our goal here is … in the past LFs were extremely dominant in mashups. That is supposed to change as we do not want to make any ship archetype a dominant force but rather find ourselves in a situation where every ship class has its place. LFs still need to rely on agility, etc. but they cannot be as invulnerable to turrets and other ships as they have been in the past.

But frankly we haven’t hit that yet and I do believe that the amount of assist plays a big role here. So we’ll go through more iterations … just need to wait for a good point in time.

TLDR: Yes, we will go through more variations, probably not before 3.22.1 hits though.

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