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I generally agree with the feedback here as a racer. Instead of trying to break or bend the well designed SCM and NAV modes for their respective gameplay purposes, I suggest implementing a third RACE mode instead with the following effects to discourage RACE mode being used to run away from combat as opposed to NAV mode.

RACE Performance Master Mode
CONS of [RACE] mode

Disables use of Quantum and Jump Drives, we don’t need them as racers. Explain it as diverting most ship computer and power resources to thrusters, boost capability and hydrogen efficiency.

Make the switch into RACE mode very time consuming to do so you would never consider it in combat or navigation gameplay. 30 seconds to switch in and out of RACE performance mode. When starting an AC Classic Race you start in this mode or PU time trial you must be in this mode as a requirement.

Reduce weapon combat effectiveness, capacities, fire rates etc.Significantly decrease shield resistance to ballistic, laser, distortion, plasma (all combat weapon types).

PROS of [RACE] mode

Grant improved SCM/Max Speed like NAV mode, should be very slightly better than NAV mode so there’s no question of us wanting to use NAV mode over RACE mode.Grant improved boost regeneration, capacity and response like SCM mode.Grant improved hydrogen efficiency and regeneration, but ships like the 100i series and Razors have an even bigger benefit with their bespoke hydrogen refineries or xi’an/human engine technologies.Grant improved thruster rates for all directions.If there’s extra aero or control surfaces to deploy in this mode for benefits, they are deployed now.Significantly increase shield resistance to blunt, collision or impact damage or just make competition shield components the go to racing shields that increase survival when colliding with other competition shields and the environment.

RACE Performance Master Mode

Before we think about adding a third master mode just for racing let us first try to get the current setup in a state where it is more suitable for racing. I am very confident that this can be achieved as the main negative points for racing so far seem to be the speed limiter induced slowdown behaviour in decoupled and the lack of regen in NAV mode so recoveries take too long. Both are relatively minor points that can be addressed without adding an additional master mode. We have already addressed the main race pain point of 3.21 with the new trichording limiter and we’re very invested to get the setup as good as possible (again across the whole game, not just for combat or just for racers).

So right now a third master mode just for racing is not on the table. What we can think about though is a racing operator mode which is available in both NAV and SCM. Operator modes are different than master modes as they only affect item control and UI but do not change ship behaviours (like the missile operator mode only gives you control over missiles but not guns and changes the UI) … in that mode we could automatically show things like a stop watch and other racing gimmicks.

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