[3.22.0 Special Feedback] Master Modes Updates

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Hi Yogi,

Since you all are approaching this from a “ships are ships” perspective. Why not allow for components to allow different performance perimeters?

For example:

Equipping racing power plants, coolers, AND QT drives, will unlock much higher SCM speeds and boost regen, but will drastically reduce your overall capacitor pool for weapons and shields (maybe ballistics would overheat faster too?? IDK that’s a tough one lol). If you don’t have a full suite of racing components it will NOT grant you these speed increases but still reduce your overall weapon and shield caps.

That way it adds more value to what types of components you put on your ship and ties into engineering.

Specific racing components, etc. will happen anyways as will be higher accels when you actively take components off … but the focus of the current MM is to find the correct baseline for the PU. That’s why we need people to try out racing with a normal archetype ship. Once the baseline is set, everything in terms of tuning, component masses, etc will become much easier and we can then define how much e.g. of a g-advantage combat vs racer thrusters give you.

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