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Racer perspective on MMs;

The sudden braking involved from switching from NAV -> SCM is an interesting new mechanic and introduces some interesting new lines to tracks. However the issue with the swap is the CD and lack of recharge rate even in SCM mode. It does not feel very fun being stuck at below SCM speeds while I sit there staring at the little box waiting until I can switch back to NAV mode. Not to mention the fact that while in SCM mode I’m not even regenerating all that much boost charge anyways, so it doesn’t feel like it was particularly helpful swapping back and forth.

I think this can be fairly easily resolved in a couple ways; (1) simplest of these is if ships with the racing designation are given much higher boost charge rates in NAV mode so you never need to bother with the swap to SCM mode. (2) Second way you could solve this is by making the cooldowns for swapping between SCM and NAV mode much shorter for racing ships so that using SCM mode for the tight stops and then quickly swapping back to NAV mode for the next open section is quicker and more seamless. As it stands now it’s just way too tedious. (3) The other solution to my mind is allowing pilots to adjust vector in SCM mode so that it doesn’t feel so wonky while you’re in SCM mode and can’t control your ship at all. You should be able to adjust and prevent yourself from slamming into another racer or a wall.

Ideally all of these things could be implemented to MM and probably make racing much more enjoyable. As it is now, this makes Zero-G racing a MUCH MUCH less enjoyable experience and will probably drive people away from it even more than they are now. I look forward to seeing how these changes are implemented in atmo and how it changes the atmo racing.

Edit; Please allow us to remove the nearby jump markers in nav mode, it’s such a hassle dealing with it while racing


Thanks for the feedback, most of that will be approached, here are a few details:

Concerning the capacitor setup, we tried to go for high-regen-low-pool to low-regen-high-pool to suppress the micro-adjustments (change the setup every 2 seconds) that PVP players do as we want this more as a configuration-like mechanic, less than a whack-a-mole. But from the feedback of players we definitely oversteered here and avoid using it altogether. So we will pull it a bit back towards the previous setup. At the same time this will also affect the NAV mode regen, the debuff is definitely too strong right now (difference is almost a factor of 5). We still want a meaningful difference here though as otherwise players will constantly swap into NAV mode for a quick recovery and then come back which goes around the commitment we want to demand from combat players. We’ll do a pass on this early next year and see where it gets us.

Concerning the delay between NAV mode switches, we can tinker a bit with the timings but I do not want racing ships to be drastically better just for the sake of racing. The reason is because racings ships are still just ships (there is a reason why we didn’t include a racer in the MM ships yet) and they can be used for combat, so whatever we do they must adhere to the same principles. I tending to trying out a smoother ramping between the modes :thinking_face:

Concerning this:

allowing pilots to adjust vector in SCM mode

If you mean that decoupled doesn’t allow you lateral accelerations while your ship is coming down into the speed limiter regen .. that is already on the todo list. It is actually not related to MM but the general way how we apply accelerations while the ship / IFCS tries to slow down back into the speed limit region. But it feels different to coupled because in coupled you do not control you speed, you just tell IFCS how fast to go and it does it for you. I said, it’s on the todo list right now, we’ll see how fast we’ll fix that.

Okay, TLDR:

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look at these things early next year.

As for the jump markers in NAV mode, that’s a good thought … although we were thinking about racing tracks that requires you to quantum boost. So I am not sure yet where that will go yet.

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