[3.22.0 Special Feedback] Master Modes Updates

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Your plan is to keep auto-gimbals gone but leave manual gimbals? So you’re just giving HOMAS and KBM users – who already have a clear and significant aiming advantage in every fight due to the mouse – the ability to have highly precise movement of their weapons as well? Manual gimbals are very powerful with a mouse, but dramatically less useful with sticks. This isn’t conjecture; I’ve actually been in the Master Modes testing and tried manual gimbals with HOSAS and with HOMAS. The difference is night and day, and your plan amounts to “stick users stay fixed or sacrifice a blade slot to compete with mouse users” which seems completely pants-on-head to me after the other changes you’ve made to ensure that no control method is unreasonably unequal to any other.

If you’re going to have modes other than fixed, it should be fixed and auto-gimbal, with manual gated behind the use of blades. Auto-gimbals at least provide the same behavior regardless of control method and don’t heavily favor mouse users over everyone else the way manual gimbals do.

From our stats right now we do not see a lot of performance difference between manual gimbal and fixed gimbal modes in MM testing as there is a pretty hefty DPS difference between them. So I am not very concerned about this right now.

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