[3.22.0 Special Feedback] Master Modes Updates

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I will be honest, I don’t think there’s much of an issue with dodging. It does eat up a lot of boost though.

I think we could risk having a slightly higher boost speed on ships to complete more complex maneuvers like drifting in to someones “slot”. We also need 45s to help with the maneuvering. Not to mention it is more aligned with real physics and tooted (mourned at this point) by the pvp community as unique to space flight games.

People have also complained that while in afterburner zone their lateral strafes are dampened as it cools down. This seems to affect primarily decoupled flying and not coupled flying Im guessing this is because as the speed comes down, if you’re decoupled it suddenly puts you in a sort of coupled mode to slow you down to SCM. When decoupled the stabilizing thrusters will compensate for your shifting, but less so when coupled…or maybe I’m just used to it. Something to look at though.

That’s not technically a bug, it also happens in the non-MM FM but MM makes it visible… it happens when you are above your allowed speed limit, the ship forces you to slow down to closest allowed velocity vector. This actually happens in coupled as well but in coupled you give the ship a goal speed so it goes for that asap. Either way, we’ll try to fix that early next year … it’s not straight forward but I am pretty that can be resolved.

The old 45s will not come back but we’ll add an alternative attitude limiter that will cut down the allowed rotational speeds a bit later (similar to the new trichording limiter). Code for that is actually complete and should get in early next year.

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