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We have updated salvage gameplay to now include the ability to salvage the entire hull of a ship using the Vulture or the Reclaimer. Numerous changes have come with this update including a new material (Construction Components), internal storage, larger SCU options, and more. Please do a thorough review of the patch notes to understand how the feature works and some of the changes. After you have reviewed the changes, go out and give some salvaging a go in both solo Vulture play and multicrew Reclaimer. Also, feel free to try your hand at solo Reclaimer for comparison.

Design is particularly interested in the following questions:

Can you describe the current salvage flow with your own words How did you approach it?Do you have all the UI and contextual information you need to be able to Structural Salvage a ship?How would you compare the value of the new salvage gameplay in the current game’s economy?How much of your time to you spend Hull Scraping vs. Structural Salvaging?What is your favorite change to the current Salvage loop?What is the one thing you would like to change in the current salvage loop?If you could add one thing to the Reclaimer claw or how the claw is operated what would it be?Will you play the new salvage alone or as a group and using what ship?What is your reason to play in a group?What is your reason to play alone?

Thanks a ton for your input! Your thoughts go a long way to making sure major features like this end up being the best experience possible.


Player Experience Team


Thank you all for your feedback.

I get all your frustration in regards to the simplicity of the current implementation of the Structural Salvage aspect of the salvage gameplay.

We wanted to bring you the gameplay in a “quicker” time frame than what we normally do and that comes with the cost of being simplified.

That does not mean though that we do not continue working on fitting the feature better in the global “frame” of how Star Citizen will play.

As some of you already pointed out this feature is heavily dependent on the Maelstrom technology and because we did not want to waste too much of our work in inventing new tech that will be deprected in the future, we had to take this approach.

We are still working hard to improve what we can in our time remaining (It is the end of the year and my team will start to go into their well desevered christmas break including me)

There will be one thing coming that will add a little complexity, but more on that next week once it makes the build.

(But being honest this will just tackle a small portion of the feedback we have been getting so far)

TO be very clear:

This approach we took, is us wanting to give you something nice for the end of the year and also for us to be able to tell/measure what you enjoy about Structural Salvage to be able to improve on it and also learn how you react to these early test beds.

We do have plans to make the “Fracturing” part more skill driven, but implementing those takes time and is heavily dependent on other teams who also require a significant amount of time.

We (our team) will be talking about our intentions and goals in some detail in an upcoming ISC

As always I keep you posted.


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