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Thank you all for your feedback.

I get all your frustration in regards to the simplicity of the current implementation of the Structural Salvage aspect of the salvage gameplay.

We wanted to bring you the gameplay in a “quicker” time frame than what we normally do and that comes with the cost of being simplified.

That does not mean though that we do not continue working on fitting the feature better in the global “frame” of how Star Citizen will play.

As some of you already pointed out this feature is heavily dependent on the Maelstrom technology and because we did not want to waste too much of our work in inventing new tech that will be deprected in the future, we had to take this approach.

We are still working hard to improve what we can in our time remaining (It is the end of the year and my team will start to go into their well desevered christmas break including me)

There will be one thing coming that will add a little complexity, but more on that next week once it makes the build.

(But being honest this will just tackle a small portion of the feedback we have been getting so far)

TO be very clear:

This approach we took, is us wanting to give you something nice for the end of the year and also for us to be able to tell/measure what you enjoy about Structural Salvage to be able to improve on it and also learn how you react to these early test beds.

We do have plans to make the “Fracturing” part more skill driven, but implementing those takes time and is heavily dependent on other teams who also require a significant amount of time.

We (our team) will be talking about our decisions, intention and goals in some detail in an upcoming ISC.

As always I keep you posted.



As promised the update on what we changed and what will be coming in the next couple of days:

What we already changed:

Reduced the Internal Storage of the Reclaimer to 140SCUReduced the Internal Storage on the Vulture to 12SCUReduced the amount of Construnction Materials generated per shipIncreased the amount of time for Disintegration and Fracturingupdated the fracturing and disintegration mechanic to have a “alignment field” –> If you have the piece to fracture/disintegrate in the sweet spot it requires less time to fracture/disintegrate

What will come in the next couple of days:

update the amount of construction material gathered based on the position in the “alignment field” UI update to help you find the sweet spot for fracturing and disintegration

The intention here is to make it more attractive to either position your ship or make use of the tractor beam. This will make the Reclaimer more viable again for multicrew gameplay.

Since we are still actively working on this, the values for time to fracture/disintegrate and the amount of Construction Material generated are subject to change.

For the update on the internal storage I am looking forward to your feedback and observations we will do.


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