[3.22.0 PTU Feedback – Special Request] Mining Updates

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The development team made some recent changes to mining to help alleviate the issue of most spawned mineable rocks being more targeted toward the Mole than the Prospector. Some rock types now spawn as smaller, more manageable rocks. These include Felsic, Gneiss, Obsidian, Quartzite, and Shale types as well as C, Q, and S type asteroids. The result is more suitable rocks for the Mole tend to be found as asteroids rather than planetary deposits.

Please give these changes a go and let us know what you think below!


Player Experience Team


just to clarify:

We just adjusted the size range for the above mentioned “Rock types”, that means that all the other rocks still spawn in the massive size ranges.

The adjusted rock types still can spawn in “big”, but are less liekly.

We just gained a little more control over where small to medium sized rocks will spawn that are more fitting for the Prospector.

Since some rock types can only or are more likely to be found in certain locations means we created clearer locations to go to as a Prospector or Mole.


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