[3.22.0 PTU Feedback – Special Request] Mining Updates

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Did i get it wrong or didn’t you add negative multipliers to the Prospector lasers that increase when multiple Prospector lasers mine the same stone, while you added positive multipliers when multiple Mole lasers mine the same stone?

I can’t find the source right now but it’s… maybe a few months ago. Maybe in an ISC. I’m sure someone can help and confirm the source I’m referring to.

Edit: I found it, it was a change for 3.19.

Multi-crew mining has also been balanced with the Mole getting a buff on instability if the same lasers fire on the same rock, while the Prospector will get a punishment for multiple prospectors firing at the same rock on instability.


we added a modifier on instability for Prospector and Mole where multiple prospectors are less effective with high isntability.

This just means that a Mole is easier to handle vs multiple Prospectors on a high instability rock.

If you go for low instability multiple prospectors and moles should not play differently.


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