[3.21.1 PTU Feedback] Ship Trespass

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So this sentence means that from a traders perspective simply more or less nothing changes and we are still 100% victims to what I call v 0.3 piracy simply standing next to your ramp/elevator and waiting for you to come back:

“I noticed that some B-roll on the announcement led to some incorrect assumptions so to clarify: Ship Trespass does not change the rules on drawing weapons within Armistice Zones even within your own ship and it was never the intention.”

The only benefit we get is that we could in theory kill the intruder without a crime stat if we would NOT have to sit in our pilot chair and leave the armistice zone to be able to use our weapon. Sorry….for all other parts it seems well thought about but from a traders perspective this is not helpfull at all. Now many will argue…hey come one, get gunner/marine onboard….yes, possible and okay for bigger ships but do you know that by some strange reason this second or third person needs to LEAVE the ship to get it loaded? Anyway…who cares…CIG never gave a sh on haulers/traders. Have fun pirates and bye bye game loop. Maybe we could get at least some non lethal weapons in the future to remove the unwanted guest out of our own property even inside an armistice zone.

In the future there will be a lot of of things to help with this: instanced hangars, completely weapons free armistice zones with security on hand, ship scans around stations which would remove trespassers.

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