[3.21.1 PTU Feedback] Ship Towing

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Since most of the testers have been testing SRV in space, I focused on the atmosphere.

I’m still not able to airlift Ballista from Lorville to the orbit; once the ship speed exceeds 100m/s, the rope breaks.

Still not able to lift Nova tonk on Hurston, despite UI reporting the mass is not exceeded.

See #STARC-89533, SRV: Nova Tank too heavy to lift


as is tradition…: @Savrals-CIG :beers: ; )


thank you for pointing this out. We added a mass display now to the outline of the targeted object. That should make it a bit clearer why certain things cannot be lifted in comparison to others.

Please keep on reporting these mass inconsistencies you find, that really helps.

Thank you.

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