[3.12.1 PTU Feedback] Vehicle Mounted Tractor Beams (non-towing)

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I second this. The Vulture should definitely be able to move its salvage head independently of the tractor on KB&M. In a similar vein, I think the 315p should be able to gimbal its tractor beam as well.


The control hints are currently missing but you can control each arm individually.

(we are working on adding those)

alt+1 has both arms selected and you move them simultaneouslyalt+2 just moves the left arm and allows you to switch to the sub items left arm only (also fire will only affect the highlighted armalt+3 just moves the right arm (same rules as above)alt+9 fires only the left armalt+0 fires only the right arm

Fun fact: the system remembers the position of each arm, so you can set up a certain arm offset and use this for your advantage

The UI already highlights this by having the elements a little more transparent that are not currently controlled.

There are also bindings for you available to map them to controls that you prefer.

You can even map the arm movements to two separate sticks on your gamepad or your two joysticks (or similar)

Cheers and hope this helps

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